Video: Controlled Invasion

A series of interviews on the ethics of game design, created in a three-day sprint at Transmediale 2011 by Heather Kelley (Kokoromi) and Thorsten Wiedemann (A.MAZE). Filmed and edited by Emily Völker.

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Working on a meaningful game that is trying to invoke real-world behavior change is both an inspiring and somewhat terrifying prospect. It’s not something we as game designers can treat blithely, without deep examination.


Pollie Barden (game designer)
Jamin Brophy-Warren (game journalist)
Heath Bunting (artist)
Martin Ciesielski (consultant)
Daphne Dragona (curator)
Michael Liebe (game researcher)
Mirae Rosner (artist)
Gabriel Shalom (artist)
Paul Vanouse (artist)