Trente Pas (Version Musicale)

Trente Pas Entre Terre et Ciel (version Musicale) is an extremely long hopscotch, designed to be played by multiple pairs of players at once.  In a numbered sequence of squares, each consecutive section changes the rules slightly, leading players through new challenges together.

As players move and hop, a series of overhead sensors triggers an interactive musical composition, and spoken instructions.  The music was composed and performed by virtuoso Theremin player Pamelia Stickney.  Experienced together, the instructions underfoot and the music overhead send players on a collaborative journey of play and motion.

Trente Pas Entre Terre et Ciel (version Musicale) was commissioned by TIFF Bell lightbox and debuted in Toronto, Canada in 2018 for digiPlaySpace.

Toronto Star: Digiplayspace back to make you jump, and more, at Bell Lightbox

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