OhMiBod Remote app

Perfect Plum’s original and best-known product is the revolutionary iPhone app, the OhMiBod Remote.

The OhMiBod app is an intuitive and stylish vibrator interface for the iPhone. By “finger painting” on the touchscreen with one or two fingertips, the user can adjust and adapt vibration speed, intensity, and patterns solely by sense of touch. Output from the app is translated into signals which propel the motor of an attached vibrator, which can be purchased separately from OhMiBod’s online store or in select retail shops.Available on the App Store

The inspiration for the OhMiBod app was Ms. Kelley’s dissatisfaction with the functionally awkward user interfaces employed by most personal vibrators on the market, such as a single button used to blindly “cycle through” dozens of settings. “When I got my first iPhone and started playing with the touchscreen, i realized it was the perfect interface to provide more nuanced control,” says Kelley. The app’s beautiful graphic interface helps users identify and instantly access their favorite sensations. But its primary strength is its ability to translate intuitive finger movements into a wide range of vibration strengths and patterns. In other words, the OhMiBod app is especially well-suited to operate one-handed, with eyes closed.

App development team:

  • Heather Kelley – Concept, producer, designer
  • Damien Quartz (code.compartmental.net) – Programming and visual effects
  • Amanda Williams (portfolio)- Graphics, and logo

App technology: