As a founding member of the four-person game experimentation collective Kokoromi, I curated and organized four annual events in our GAMMA series of experimental game exhibitions.  Each of the four events was announced a few months in advance, with an thematic design challenge for game creators around the world.  As a group, Kokoromi selected between six and nine of the submitted games to feature as the playable projected visuals at a nightclub debut event, each selection chosen for the originality and quality of its approach.  In addition to the specific design challenge, Gamma games must also shine in a public, event-based presentation, for instance they must have intuitive controls, short length of gameplay, no tutorial, and playability while…inebriated.  The four Gamma themes were:

  • Gamma01: Audio Feed – Games used incoming audio from the DJ to create gameplay activity (2006)

  • GAMMA 256 – Small and oddly-shaped games, maximum 256 pixels on any side (2007)


  • GAMMA 3D – Games that use red/cyan stereoscopic vision as a gameplay element (2008)

  • Gamma 4: One-Button – Games that use only one control button as their entire gameplay input (2010)

In addition to curating the games, I programmed the musical acts for the event.  Notable bands and DJs who have played GAMMA events include: